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Our Transformation Recruitment & Headhunting Focus Areas

Atlanta Based Executive Search Recruiters: Enabling Transformation Across a Wide Spectrum of Industries, Spanning Manufacturing, Distribution, Private Equity and Transactionally Focused Service-Based Companies Nationwide

The Avery Point Group is not your typical executive search recruiting and headhunting firm. Our focus on transformation leadership talent stems from a deep recognition of the profound impact this type of talent can have on your organization’s success.

We understand that traditional leadership approaches may not be sufficient in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing globally competitive business landscape. That’s why we specialize in identifying and recruiting transformation leadership talent. We focus on transformation talent that has the right blend of continuous improvement skills, functional technical expertise, and the unique ability to inspire and motivate employees to drive meaningful, impactful change within your organization.

We are not just recruiters and headhunters. We are Executive Search Catalysts for Change™. As true transformation thought leaders and industry experts in Lean & Six Sigma, supply chain management, operations & manufacturing, Industry 4.0, private equity, and Business Intelligence (BI), we bring unique insight and expertise to our consultative engagement approach with our clients. We know the complexities of these focus areas and the importance of finding leaders who can navigate them and drive transformational change.

With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we connect our clients with leaders who have the vision, skills, and passion to bring about positive and lasting organizational transformational change. Our focus is to help empower organizations like yours to thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape and achieve sustainable growth and world-class performance. For nearly two decades, we have been a trusted transformation partner to over 100 industry-leading clients spanning 18 diverse industry sectors.  Your Transformation Success Starts Here™ with The Avery Point Group.

APG Lean Recruiters and Six Sigma Recruiters

Executive search recruiters and headhunters for Lean and Six Sigma focused on transformation leadership talent for roles in areas such as Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement (CI), Operational Excellence (OpEx), Business Process Reengineering, Process Excellence, Lean & Six Sigma Deployment, Balanced Scorecard, Just-in-Time (JIT) Manufacturing, and Agile Project Management.

Picture of Shipping Dock and Logistics Transporation Truck Related to - Supply Chain Recruiters

Executive search recruiters and headhunters for Supply Chain Management focused on transformation leadership talent for roles in areas such as Sourcing & Procurement, Logistics, Supply & Demand Planning (S&OP), Inventory Management, Distribution, Operations, Strategic Sourcing, Supply Chain Design, Transportation, and Warehouse Management.

Picture of Manufacturing Production Line - Operations Recruiters and Manufacturing Recruiters

Executive search recruiters and headhunters for Operations and Manufacturing focused on transformation leadership talent for roles in areas such as Executive Operations and Manufacturing Functional Leadership (COO, SVP, VP, and Director), Plant Management, Value Stream Management, Production & Operations Management, Finance, Human Resources,  Quality,  and EH&S.

Man In Front of Graphic Display - Industry 4.0 Recruiters

Executive search recruiters and headhunters for Industry 4.0  focused on transformation leadership talent for roles in areas such as Digital Transformation, Smart Factory Implementation, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Digitization Strategies, Additive Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digital Twin Technologies, Smart Manufacturing, Robotics, and Automation Integration.

Picture of Office Buildings Private Equity Recruiters

Executive search recruiters and headhunters for Private Equity focused on transformation leadership talent for roles in areas such as Lean & Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management, Operations & Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and Business Intelligence. Let us connect you with transformation leaders who can drive industry roll-ups, turnarounds, value creation, operational efficiency, and successful exits for your portfolio companies.

APG Business Intelligence Recruiters

Executive search recruiters and headhunters for Business Intelligence (BI) focused on transformation leadership talent for roles in areas such as Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Business Analytics, Data Governance, Data Architecture, Big Data Management, Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, Machine Learning, Data Strategy, and Strategic Decision Support.

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The Avery Point Group: Your Trusted Partner in Value Stream Transformation and Leadership Talent Recruitment

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The Avery Point Group, with a rich history spanning nearly two decades, is your trusted partner on the path to transformation success. As a premier North American executive search and recruiting firm, we have a track record of assisting over 100 industry-leading companies in recruiting mid-level management to senior executive leadership adept in Lean, Six Sigma, Industry 4.0, and transformational deployment strategies. Our extensive experience and dedication to exceeding clients’ expectations have made us the recruiter and headhunter of choice in operations, manufacturing, supply chain, private equity, business intelligence, and continuous improvement transformation leadership.

  • Unlocking Exceptional Industry Insights: As a result of our contributions and meaningful industry impact, we have been featured in 8 books and acknowledged in more than 50 industry-leading trade journals and magazine articles. Our expertise as an industry thought leader has positioned us to be your trusted source for industry and transformation leadership talent insights.

  • Powering Your Success with Deep Industry Expertise: With our past experiences as Six Sigma Master Black Belts, Lean, and digital transformation focused executive leaders, our partners recruit talent that elevates asset and value stream performance for our clients. We understand the demands and nuances of transformation leadership.

  • Leveraging Global Experience for Your Success: Our partners’ past executive leadership experience in various global markets equips us with a deep understanding of the complexities of recruiting talent capable of steering your organization to succeed in today’s interconnected global economy.

  • A Trusted Transformation Partner: Our reputation as a trusted partner is built on our consultative approach to client engagement and satisfaction. We understand the importance of finding the right leadership talent that enables your organization to achieve its continuous improvement, operational excellence, and transformation objectives.

Your Transformation Success Starts Here:

With The Avery Point Group, your transformation success starts here. We tap into your organization’s hidden potential by finding the right transformation leadership talent through our specialized executive search services. As true industry experts in Lean, Six Sigma, Industry 4.0, operations, manufacturing, Business Intelligenceprivate equity, and supply chain headhunting and recruiting, we align leadership talent with your culture and business objectives, partnering with your organization on its transformation journey.

Accelerate Your Transformation with Our Lean Sigma Search™ Process

Harness the power of our unique Lean Sigma Search™ approach to swiftly identify, source, and recruit the right leadership candidates who perfectly align with your culture and organizational needs. With our deep industry expertise and hands-on executive experience, we excel at fulfilling your talent leadership requirements across all functions. Trust us to provide exceptional transformation leadership, propelling your organization toward world-class performance.

Navigate Global Challenges with Our World-Class Performance Perspective

Today’s complex business environment increasingly requires transformational leadership talent. Leveraging our comprehensive and deep global executive experience and expertise, we offer a world-class performance perspective, which aids us in identifying and recruiting transformation leadership talent. Our mission is to support your organization as it aims to excel in a rapidly changing and interconnected global economy.

Candidate & Client Testimonials

  • Client - $xxxM Private Equity Held Industry Leading Wholesale Distribution Company
    Chief Executive Officer & Chief Operations Officer

    Tim Noble has a deep understanding of supply chain and business operations, which I’ve found rare with recruiters. His expertise in finding top talent quickly, interested in private equity, made a big difference in helping us achieve our objectives.


    Tim helped us recruit a distribution vice president, Six Sigma systems executive, and 2 process engineers. I was impressed with Tim’s understanding of our business needs, the candidate’s responsibility, and the necessary skills to be successful. These candidates’ Lean/Six Sigma expertise made them leaders in the digital transformation our business would go through, which wouldn’t have been possible without Tim.


    The candidates Tim placed were all promoted and/or had expanded responsibilities within 1-2 years. I’m confident Tim will continue to be a strong partner because of the research he does in supply chain trends like Industry 4.0’s impact on talent.

  • Client - $xxB Global Publicly Traded Major Healthcare Industry Laboratory Services Company
    Executive Director - Continuous Improvement Operations 

    Tim Noble has been my ‘go-to-guy’ for the past 7 years whenever I’ve needed the very best ‘Lean/Six Sigma Ops leaders for my own team. I’ve also referred him to my COO and many others who are looking to add new leaders with the full suite of lean competencies, proven operations experience, and strategic leadership.


    Since I started working with Tim and the Avery Point Group, I’ve put 12-15 lean leaders (Manager to Sr Director Level) onto my teams at critical times. The value they added to my company, my colleagues, and to my professional success is impossible to overestimate. Tim’s many years of hands-on LSS operations leadership is evident in how he vets candidates and advises my internal recruiters and HR partners along the way. He’s invested more than any other recruiting firm I’ve ever used in getting to know my company’s culture, strategy, and internal partners to ensure we get exactly the right fit.


    He continues to be a great advisor on changes in industries and technologies affecting lean practitioners and my workforce overall. I’ve never gotten this level of expertise and commitment from anyone else claiming to understand my “talent needs.”

  • Client - $xB Global Privately Held Major Aftermarket Automotive Parts Company
    Director of Continuous Improvement and Supplier Quality

    I have been hiring in the lean/six sigma/continuous improvement space for a decade, and what Tim Noble and Avery Point Group provide stands out in the recruiting space.


    His work experience in the LSS space gives him an inside track to the different types of focus within the industry. He also does an amazing job capturing voice of customer (no surprise given his background) from the hiring manager and tailoring the search to find the right candidates.


    Massively thankful for the wonderful partnership with Tim Noble and Avery Point Group!

  • Client - $xxxM 3rd Generation Privately Held Industry Leading Consumer Products Company
    Senior Vice President of Operations

    In a more than challenging environment for new hires, now but especially during the pandemic, The Avery Point Group and particularly Tim Noble has come through for me personally and for my company in several occasions.


    Tim has helped fill crucial positions for my organization, both in purely Manufacturing positions as well as support functions such as HR, Finance, Quality, etc.


    I strongly recommend Tim Noble and the Avery Point Group.

  • Client - $xB Global Privately Held Major Diversified Chemicals Company
    Director of Business Improvement

    Tim Noble worked with us to find an experienced Master Black Belt in the winter/spring of 2021. For context, the last one we recruited on our own took nearly a year to find, and the fit wasn’t quite right, so we ended up hiring a contractor as well.


    Then we engaged Tim and the Avery Point Group. He listened very carefully to our needs. We talked a few times, and once he felt confident he knew what we wanted in a candidate, he went to work. He identified over 60 potential candidates and narrowed it down to 8 that we screened through HR. My team interviewed 5 candidates, and we found one that fit our needs perfectly and has been doing exceptionally well over the past nearly two years since he’s been with us.


    I have already recommended Tim Noble and the Avery Point Group to my colleagues. You can’t go wrong if you need a CI expert!

  • Client - $xxxM 3rd Generation Privately Held Industry Leading Consumer Products Company
    Director of Human Resources

    Tim Noble and The Avery Point Group do an amazing job working with and for their clients. They develop a long-term relationships with their clients, do their due diligence in getting to know the company, the structure, and the people at the organization so they can match the best candidates for the roles. We have had numerous successful placements through this group. Highly recommend Tim and The Avery Point Group as a partner for your recruiting needs.

  • Client - $xB Global Privately Held Major Consulting & Supply Chain Services Company
    Vice President - Head of USA Capabilities 

    I recommend Tim Noble as a person with a great background and deep expertise in Lean, Six Sigma, and recruiting solutions. Tim is a multi-skilled perfectionist. He demonstrated his capability of adapting to new industries and working environments by succeeding on our search assignments when other recruiters had previously failed.

  • Client & Candidate - $xxM 2nd Generation Privately Held Industry Leading Packaging Products Company
    Plant Manager

    I had the good fortune to work with The Avery Point Group during my transition into the Private Manufacturing Sector. Tim Noble was with me every step of the way and guided the interview process with care and determination. Due to the leadership requirements of the position, both parties needed assurance that qualifications, scope, and skillsets were a perfect match. During the interview process, Tim worked tirelessly to foster a relationship between the leadership team and I, which made the transition seamless from day one. Switching careers from 10 years at a Fortune 500 Company to Privately held Manufacturing was not an easy move, considering the vast differences in business strategies and cultures. However, Tim was able to stitch together the small details while staying in sight of the end goal.


    Shortly after onboarding, we consulted The Avery Point Group to fill another critical role within our team. Tim was faced with similar challenges, attempting to pull senior talent from a tight labor market in a Fortune 500 space. After months of perseverance and dialing in the recruitments, he succeeded. Our business is now primed for the next chapter of growth, and we couldn’t have done it without The Avery Point Group.

  • Candidate - $xxxM Global Privately Held Major Glassware Products Company
    Director of Operational Excellence

    I have had the great pleasure of Tim Noble and his firm, The Avery Point Group finding the position perfect for me! Tim worked with both my employer and me to ensure the match was perfect. I have had great transformational success with my new company. I wouldn’t have found this great opportunity without Tim’s professional knowledge of continuous improvement and his leadership skills to negotiate the right offer!


    I recommend Tim Noble and The Avery Point Group for any recruiting needs!

  • Candidate - $xxB National Publicly Traded Major Healthcare Services & Hospital Company
    Assistant Vice President - Capital Productivity Improvement and Strategy

    Tim Noble was instrumental in recruiting me for my current role as AVP of Productivity and Strategy. Tim’s is very knowledgeable regarding Lean Six Sigma roles and matching a candidate’s skills with an employer’s needs. I have worked in the field of continuous improvement for almost 40 years and many recruiters. I found it refreshing to work with a recruiter with a deep understanding of this field. I rate him #1 and highly recommend his services and The Avery Point Group.

  • Candidate - $xB National Publicly Traded Major Healthcare Insurance Company
    Vice President of Corporate Performance Improvement

    I met Tim Noble several years ago when he helped place me in my first-ever healthcare industry role. Little did I know that this “random phone call” would change the trajectory of my career in ways that I couldn’t have imagined. Tim is well-known in the operational excellence industry and is highly regarded for his deep expertise and broad-reaching network.


    What sets Tim apart from other recruiters is his keen ability to match client requirements and candidate skills/personality to ensure there is a mutual fit. I continue to stay in touch with Tim as he always makes himself available for questions, advice, and an occasional request for candidate marketing feedback. I highly recommend Tim Noble and The Avery Point Group as a “trusted advisor.”

  • Candidate - $xxxM Private Equity Held Industry Leading Outdoor Consumer Products Company
    Director of Global Sourcing

    Many thanks for Tim Noble’s great support in working with me to secure my role as Director of Global Sourcing with my new organization. His insights into the company, the pace, and the needs that they had were critical for me in making the move from Stanley Black & Decker Inc. to this smaller company successful and rewarding. His follow-up and communication were excellent and made the transition easy.


    I wish Tim Noble and the Avery Point Group all the success in fulfilling others’ career dreams and desires. Your ability to match a candidate to a role is expectational. Thanks again for helping me make the step in the right direction in my career.

  • Candidate - $xxxM Private Equity Held Industry Leading Medical Device Company
    Sr. Manager for Business Transformation

    Tim Noble is one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with lots of knowledge about manufacturing industries. He is very thorough in everything he does and always open for discussion and feedback.


    I never thought lean and Six Sigma methodologies along with value stream mapping can be used in the interview process, but I was thrilled with the level of conversation we had during the process, which not only helped me understand the role better, but I could check all my boxes of requirements as we moved forward. Overall, I am very happy to land my dream job and had a very smooth process from start to end.


    I highly recommend Tim Noble and would be happy to work with again in the future.

  • Candidate - $xxB Global Publicly Traded Major Heathcare Industry Laboratory Services Company
    Executive Director for National Operations

    Tim and the team at the Avery Point Group are focused on matching the individual with the organization’s culture. He took the time to understand my interests and goals along with my Lean experiences. The CI conversations with Tim were fluent because of his lean knowledge and his understanding of the value this approach can have with an organization. I would highly recommend the Avery Point Group to those CI professionals seeking new career opportunities.

  • Candidate - $xxxM Private Equity Held Industry Leading Medical Device Company
    Director of US Logistics

    Working with Tim was a fantastic experience from start to end. Tim and his company (The Avery Point Group) truly define professionalism and integrity in the recruiting industry. Tim always provided consistent and honest feedback when available and I would gladly work with him again in the future!

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