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FOR CLIENTS May 29, 2023
The Avery Point Group utilizes its resources and Lean Sigma Search™ value stream methodology to make the search effort far more efficient and productive for our clients. By leveraging our proprietary database, we have access to thousands of candidates who are currently employed. These people will consider another opportunity if it is presented properly, but are loyal to their employers and satisfied with their present jobs. They are sought by other employers and occupy senior positions. Consequently, they don't read the job board ads and are not actively looking for a new position.

Our clients engage our services to identify, screen, motivate and assist with the placement of critical global leadership talent. Since we are a third party, and operate independently, we can discuss opportunities discreetly and ethically, without revealing our clients’ identity until mutual interest has been established.

Candidates who would otherwise be concerned that their employers would discover that they are considering external opportunities will talk to us. They know we can be counted on not to reveal their identities unless viable opportunities exist.

Our clients’ time is valuable, and we don't waste it. Only those candidates who meet our clients’ critical to quality (CTQ) specifications will be discussed and presented. Our clients don’t have to worry about awkward, time-consuming explanations about why they have excluded certain candidates from consideration.

We also save our clients’ time by personally informing the candidate about the position and company. Unlike those people who respond through traditional means and job boards, the candidate will be knowledgeable about what to expect if he or she is hired.

Then, once we have assisted along the way, we can help our clients close the placement. From informing the candidate about current salaries in his or her field, to gaining acceptance of the offer, we will do everything possible to ensure our clients will be able to hire the person they select.

With our Lean Sigma Search™ value stream approach, experience and global perspective, we stand out from other executive search firms and add significant value for our clients in their search for leadership talent. Our mission is to provide superior service that exceeds our clients’ expectations and critical to quality (CTQ) requirements.

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